Objection filed to Main & Monroe development

The Planning Board Tuesday night authorized its attorney to answer an appeal filed by an objector to the Dornoch II Rahway application, a 208-unit project along Main Street between Monroe and Poplar streets.

Main and Monroe front elevation picThe board unanimously (8-0) adopted a resolution after a brief explanation from its attorney, John Pidgeon.

T&S Developers, the owner of Luciano’s filed an objection (Docket No. UNN-L-2057-15) to the Main & Monroe project, which the Planning Board approved at its March meeting. At that hearing, owners of Luciano’s inquired about an agreement with the developer to replace about two dozen parking spaces it currently leases from the Parking Authority on the corner of Poplar Street.

According to the redevelopment agreement, developer Slokker Real Estate Group (formerly partners with Dornoch) is to work with Luciano’s and the Parking Authority to identify alternate locations to accommodate parking that Luciano’s currently subleases.

Pidgeon described the objection as a very brief appeal. It was filed in Superior Court and the next step will be for the court to set a brief schedule.

Main & Monroe
Main & Monroe

Main & Monroe is a significant project downtown,  board member William Hering said, and questioned how long it might be held up by the objection. Pidgeon said he’s been told negotiations between the various parties continue but from the board’s perspective, it’s a private matter.

Board member Richard Watkins described the parking accord as a “handshake agreement” between Dornoch and Luciano’s, not the Parking Authority.  Most recently, Redevelopment Director Leonard Bier, who also serves as Parking Authority director, said at last month’s Redevelopment Agency meeting that discussions continue to find a parking solution.

Objectors have 45 days after the decision was published to file a complaint, according to Pidgeon.

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