Main Street lot would go to Parking Authority

City Council introduced an ordinance this month that would convey a small vacant parcel on Main Street to the Parking Authority.

Block 319, Lot 6 has no specific address but is located across from Poplar Street near the pedestrian bridge to Bridge Street and adjacent to 1593 Main St. The lot would be sold to the Parking Authority for “nominal consideration” (i.e., nothing).

The ordinance (O-17-15) was introduced unanimously (7-0) at the July 13 meeting, with a public hearing and final approval scheduled at the Aug. 10 meeting.

Technically, the vacant parcel is assessed at $14,900 but obviously doesn’t pay taxes since it’s a municipal property and would remain tax-exempt as Parking Authority property.

Whether the property might possibly be used to address a recent parking issue is unclear, the lot is located adjacent to a bus stop and listed in property records as 69×40. Parking Authority Executive Director Leonard Bier, who also serves as redevelopment director,  did not respond to an email seeking comment.

The lot is a triangular parcel, highlighted in yellow, on Main Street adjacent to the railroad tracks.
The lot is a triangular parcel, highlighted in yellow, on Main Street adjacent to the railroad tracks.

The owners of nearby Luciano’s Ristorante (Lot 1.01 in the image at right) recently filed an objection to Main & Monroe, a 208-unit project across the street that gained Planning Board approval. There has been some question about an apparent parking agreement previously between Luciano’s and the developer about two dozen parking spaces at the corner of Poplar and Main streets. The north building of Main & Monroe would be built on that lot while the owners of Luciano’s believed they had an agreement to relocate those spaces as a part of any future development.

UPDATED, Aug. 7: In a brief interview after last night’s Redevelopment Agency meeting, Bier said they are in the process of formulating a plan for the Main Street parcel, which includes looking at the possibility of using it for some relief in the Luciano’s situation.

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