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Rahway Rising new logoAre you looking to reach a new audience? Rahway Rising could be your path to target a new pool of potential customers.

Rahway Rising is the first website that residents turn to for local news about redevelopment. What’s that new construction going to be? Why is that lot vacant? Those are the things readers are curious about and come to Where did you first read about Hotel Indigo closing or the mayor resigning in 2013? More recently, is the only site that heralded the coming of Wawa and also challenged the city’s open public records denial.

Why advertise online? Rahway Rising is among the best ranked sites for Internet searches related to Rahway. The majority of visits originate in Rahway but readers also come from surrounding towns and beyond. We have almost 3,000 followers on social media, from Rahway and beyond, and average 9,000 page views per month — and growing — with ad rates starting at reasonable prices that bring you online exposure at value.

Not only are Rahway Rising readers local, they’re committed:

  • 20 percent visit the site daily and 66 percent visit at least weekly.
  • 4 out of 5 own their own home.
  • 75 percent have household income of $100,000+ and 47 percent of $150,000+.

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