Council moves forward on Water’s Edge project

The City Council last night introduced an ordinance (O-26-11) to amend the Lower Main Street Urban Renewal Plan for the Meridia Water’s Edge project.

The Planning Board is expected to take up the matter later this month (Aug. 30) and provide a recommendation to the City Council before the governing body holds a public hearing and final vote on the ordinance next month (Sept. 12). The Planning Board then would consider a site plan, as early as its September meeting (Sept. 27).

Can you find the rainbow?

Capodagli Property Company of Pompton Plains has proposed 108 units on the 0.75-acre property (Block 305, Lot 5.04) adjacent to Rahway Public Library, Center Circle sports complex and Rahway Plaza Apartments. Capodagli last week presented the Redevelopment Agency with a revised project 108 units compared with the 116 units presented in the spring. The five-story, 108-unit proposal includes 52 two-bedroom units and 56 one-bedrooms compared with a 20/96 split in the earlier version. Since the plan currently only includes 90 parking spaces, some arrangement would be necessary for the project to use upward of 18 spaces in adjacent parking lots.

About six years ago, a day care center was proposed in the area (.pdf) at Block 305/Lot 5.03 (.pdf). The majority of the City Hall Plaza complex and adjacent lots at one time was planned as the Town Center project, a massive mix of residential, retail and parking (circa 2007).


The latest from NJ Transit on the center stair repairs at the Train Station: Closed through September 2011. It really doesn’t even look like much work has been done of late, so I think I can speak for a majority of you when I say: WTF?!?!

The advisory comes on the the heels of another one earlier this week that repairs to the elevator on the westbound side “are scheduled to continue through September.”

5 thoughts on “Council moves forward on Water’s Edge project”

  1. I asked the mayor about those stairs. He said he keeps asking the state about it, but they're not doing much maintenance these days, with the budget contraints.We need to find out who's responsibility this is and annoy them into submission.

  2. I agree… WTF!!!!! My issue is that if Rahway had the same status as Metropark, the stairs would have been repaired immediately. Our next crisis will be the incoming (from Nwk/NYC) rear stairs that lead to Irving Street; if you stand on the street and look at the stairs you can see severe rusting and slight separations/holes. I expect that staircase will close soon and then with the elevator out of service, the only accessibility will be the staircases from the tunnel and Milton Avenue. Again, WTF!!!

  3. How is it the major selling point of Rahway, our 12 million or whatever, train station, looks like something from Eastern Europe now? The facade walls were never completed, the stairs are rusting, the other one is closed, the elevator smells like urine..the underpass on Milton is a pigeons delight. I don't care who's responsibility it is to fix it, take the 100K proposed for a Chief of Staff (really?) and an executive secretary, and use it for the repairs, then charge the State or NJ TRANSIT… and that horror of a store that's in there, come one, ghetto.

  4. Today, in Penn Station NYC, several NJ Transit management employees were there to chat up customers. Well. I sure gave them an earful about the deplorable conditions at our station. I was particularly angered as this morning, yet again, the elevator which is on the inbound track (the one which services trains into NYC) was out of service. This is like the 5th or 6th time this summer it has been broken – leaving our station completely inaccessible to people with disabilities since the other elevator has been totally out of service for what, 2 months now? They took notes, feigned concern, and listened to me rant for several minutes about everything all of us bitch about here. And then thanked me for my "input" My head could have exploded.

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