Annual pizza poll

What better time than the week of the Star-Ledger NJ Munchmobile’s visit to Rahway to launch our annual poll: “What’s your favorite pizza place in Rahway?”

While we haven’t done reader polls as often as we used to, there’s no doubt that the pizza polls is always the most popular. And why not, everyone loves pizza. So here’s here it is:

What's your favorite pizza place in Rahway?

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pizzaThe pizza scene has changed quite a bit since we did our very first pizza poll (wow!). There’s Brooklyn Pizza where Adam’s Pizza used to be on Race Street, and just in the past few years, the corner of Westfield Avenue and Madison Hill Road has gone from Buona Pizza to Gio’s Pizza to My Lil’ John’s Pizza, and now awaits its next incarnation. And of course, Rahway Pizza, a local favorite and winner in one of our early pizza polls, is no longer with us either. Even Plum Tomato used to be called Papa Vito.

Feel free to let everyone know in the comments sections below why you voted for your choice — especially if you have a favorite slice! (I know Plum Tomato is a favorite — always a solid grandma pie.jpgfinish in the poll but yet to win the crown — among some folks for its “Grandma pie” and of course, Nancy’s for the thin slice). Nancy’s has been a beast in our poll over the last few years, winning the last three polls, but Nunzio’s II snuck in a victory as did the dearly departed Rahway Pizza.

Pizza joints are always a good way to get people out and about, whether grabbing a slice on the way to the train or a pie before or after having a few drinks with friends downtown, amirite?

Any other newcomers, or otherwise, that I’m missing? Let’s keep it to strictly Rahway pizza joints since this is a site about Rahway.

2 thoughts on “Annual pizza poll”

  1. Plum Tomato has been my favorite each year. I love Nancy’s thin crust, but it can’t compare.That’s a once and a while type pie for me. Plus they don’t deliver so that’s a negative for us.

    I’m a NY’er, and Plum Tomato is as close as it gets to the pizza I grew up eating in Brooklyn. As mentioned, the Grandma Pie is fantastic and my favorite. I gave up on MIchelino’s as being too inconsistent. I’ve tried all the others but none for my tastes, have that authentic NY style.

  2. Tony’s for us love everything about the place great food great pizza good portions they get my vote.

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