Two-way traffic, good; Stop signs, bad

Readers are pleased that downtown traffic is going two ways now, but not very happy about all the Stop signs. It seems they’re not nearly as upset as some merchants about the loss of street parking.

The latest poll — returning after a several-week hiatus — marked a new high of 90 responses, and as always, a reminder that this is hardly any kind of scientific poll.

It’s only been about a month since the new traffic pattern started so the city plans to keep an eye on things and possibly tweak the system while talking to merchants and others affected.

“How’s two-way traffic downtown so far?”
— Too many Stop signs along Irving, (35/90), 38 percent
— Finally, two directions like everywhere else, (32/90), 35 percent
— Where’d all the street parking go?!? (11/90), 12 percent
— No big deal; how hard is it to drive on two sides? (7/90), 7 percent
— Thank goodness, drivers are going slower, (5/90), 5 percent
It’s been mentioned that the average speed topped 40 mph when downtown streets were only one-way. That’s got to be tough on pedestrians. Perhaps the city should consider what Montclair did downtown this week, and go on a ticket binge, nailing motorists who don’t stop at crosswalks? Not only might that raise awareness or even change behavior (especially important when bringing more residents downtown and hoping they shop there) but it sure could raise some serious Quan. Or would it just be overkill?
As always, we’re open to suggestions for potential future RR polls.