Meatballs & Co. coming to former Flynn’s Pub

Meatballs & Co. exterior UPDATED: The former Flynn’s Irish Public and Steakhouse, which closed in January after 15 years on Main Street, will re-open as Meatballs & Co. in the coming weeks.

The bar will offer 12 beers on tap accompanied by a meatball-focused menu, featuring a variety of styles and sides, according to owner Maurice Flynn, who first opened Flynn’s Irish Pub inMeatballs taps 1999 before selling it several years ago.

Meatballs & Co. will be open for drinks on Saturday for the 14th annual Hot Rods & Harleys event, including the outdoor patio area in the back, with a soft opening planned later this month.

ORIGINAL POST: There’s apparently some “top secret” stuff going on inside the old Flynn’s site on Main Street downtown.

A stroll by the eatery last week revealed a sign in the front window: “Shh! Top Secret. Coming Soon.”

UPDATED, 6:30 a.m.: Since I snapped this photo the other day, I’m told the signage now indicates “Meatballs & Co.” at the site. I will confirm with a new photo anFlynn's -- shhhd update tonight. Thanks!

Flynn’s Irish Pub & Steakhouse closed in January after 15 years at its Main Street location.

6 thoughts on “Meatballs & Co. coming to former Flynn’s Pub”

  1. Is this the chain I found online? Also, hoping they don’t allow smoking on the patio. That, was a big drawback to eating at Flynn’s in nice weather.

    1. You non smokers complain about smoking inside Pubs and restaurants which is OK. Then it was the municipalities,which is again grand, yet now you complain about the patio @ a pub? Tell ya what? Find a place that is non smoking and visit there, how’s that?

  2. It’s not a chain but I also did find what looks like a stand-alone (not franchise) Meatball & Co. in Darien, Conn. (Note, this is Meatballs, not Meatball.

    I think it’s a neat idea. From a restaurant perspective, I can see how it could work: simple menu / low expense and good price point. A focused menu but still what people are familiar with, not something that this market might be afraid to try (my first reaction about something like “Asian fusion”).

    If this works, maybe downtown will get a grilled cheese shop 🙂

  3. I agree, Mark–I think this is an idea that could work. In terms of other businesses/restaurants downtown, I’d love to see a pork store/Italian deli that served prepared foods that one could take home and reheat–get off the train, pick up dinner, and bring it home.

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