State Tax Court judgment slashes tax bill in half

Let’s call it “Tax appeal week” at Rahway Rising as we catch up on a few more tax appeals over the last several months, including those approved at the county tax board, decided at the state Tax Court or settled with the city.

STS Tire and Auto Center on St. Georges Ave. (Block 7, Lot 1) had its 2012 tax bill cut in half after a judgment by the state Tax Court. The City Council authorized a refund of $16,705.26 at its Nov. 12 meeting (AR-240), some 46 percent off the total property tax bill of about $36,310 paid by STS on its three St. Georges Avenue lots.

The main parcel on St. Georges Avenue, about a third of an acre and including the building, is assessed for $512,000 and had a tax bill of $29,906 in 2012. Two other land-only lots (Block 7, Lots 2 and 3), which were not appealed, are assessed at a combined $105,900, with taxes of $6,404, for a total 2012 tax bill of about $36,310.

Bridgewater-based STS also was among more than 120 tax appeals in the city for the 2013 tax year that were approved by the county tax board. The City Council approved the judgements at its October meeting and we’ll post details on those appeals and new assessments later this week.

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