Riverview Manor taking shape

Excuse the recent hiatus, there have been a few things going on, between a side project, computer issues and fighting crime. It’s officially summer too, so it’s been a little slow, but there should be some new posts this week — stay tuned.

For some photos, you’ll see work progressing on Riverview Manor, the 13-unit townhomes on Lennington Street (above). The project broke ground about 14 months ago and here’s what it looked like about four months ago.


In other news, the plot on Central Avenue across from Berzenic Park will not be a petting zoo or pony rides (a good guess from readers though!), but a community garden. You can find some details in this press release from the city or this report last week.

Also, Rahway gets mentioned in this New York Times piece about the “roadblocks” faced by New Jersey’s 20 Transit Villages, and the fact that some projects have stalled as a result of bank financing drying up (i.e., The Savoy).