Retail at Park Square by summer?

Retail space at Park Square could be ready by this summer — specifically June or July — if a new sign (below) at the construction site is accurate. The four-story project is slated to have about 7,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space, along with off-street parking, and 159 one-and two-bedroom rental apartments.

Landmark Companies, which broke ground at the former Cliff Hardware site in October 2006, is beginning the second phase of Park Square, essentially a similar structure on the Main Street side of the property. The developer also will fund the cost of burying the utilities, City Administrator/Redevelopment Director Peter Pelissier said last week.


For those who’ve asked about how the new traffic patterns might affect Hot Rods and Harleys (May 17; rain date May 24), they aren’t expected to, according to Ray Mikell, executive director of the Rahway Center Partnership.

The event is bigger again this year, starting at Jaques Avenue and West Milton Avenue and proceeding to Main Street before heading all the way to the arts center. He also mentioned the Rahway survey, which has closed, is being tabulated and he should have an update to share within the next month.

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  1. Cool photo. I’ll put my hopes for a brew pub on hold for a while … let’s hope a decent coffeeshop will fill one of these spaces soon.

  2. Well, whatever opens up in that space is sure to receive the Rahway Merchant of the Month award according to Mr. realist. He says that they just take the sign and move it from store front to store front each month.

  3. Matthew,I went to the Skyview open house this past weekend and they mentioned that they’re close to closing with a new coffee shop but aren’t ready to announce who they are. The Realtor did assure me that it’s not Starbucks.

  4. I think a health food shop would be great. Some wheatgrass shots, protein shakes, vitamin drinks, and healthy snacks for before and after the workday.

  5. Great to hear, Alexis! I wouldn’t mind if it were Starbucks, but if it’s a good coffee shop that’s not Starbucks, that’s even better.

  6. am just waiting with “bated” breath for the types of retail will be leasing the space. Any takers yet? Maybe a Whole Foods? And on another topic. Will there be bike racks in convenient areas for those of us who use their bikes? If racks were there (and I dont mean those at the train station) it might influence people to ride. Everyone wins in that senario.

  7. Health food shops? Whole Foods?? Who is going to patronize stores like these in downtown Rahway?The area could certainly use a market, but I think it needs to fit with the demographics of the area. I think Kevin’s on the right track talking about Dunkin’ Donuts. Rahway may be rising, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

  8. I would love a cool coffee shop that had some nice seating area and friendly owners that would welcome people to seat there for as long as they wanted. Wireless Internet would make it a huge plus!In terms of a market, I would much rather have a Trader Joe’s than a Whole Foods – the food is still healthy, yet the prices are more affordable.

  9. luis, Trader Joe’s was interested in the city hall project, but I think that it’s on hold indefinitely due to the soft real estate market. I’d like to see a decent bakery downtown. You can’t even get a nice loaf of Italian bread to have with dinner in Rahway.And no one cares for Harry’s unique brand of sludg…er…coffee at the Beverly Sweet Shop on Main St?

  10. Excellent point about bicycle racks, JoyceG. Rahway is a good town to bike around because it’s pretty flat, and bike racks are a great way to get more people downtown. Let’s see how things look once the construction is finished …

  11. Hey doofus, How do you know what type of stores would and wouldn’t work? Downtown stores don’t need to appease every person in the town. There are people with money in Rahway and would like a nice grocery market to go to instead of traveling on rt. 1&9. The bodega’s and cd shops and chinese food places cater to a certain group. Why not have a nice grocery market that can cater to the rising affluent people in Rahway? You don’t think they exist? There is money to be made in Rahway, you just need the right place to get those people to become patrons.

  12. In a place that can’t support a coffee shop downtown (Reggie’s Roast, anyone?), and has a regular revolving door for retail (how many retail storefronts are currently vacant- with more to come as new building open?) the prospect of a high-end grocery chain seems a little farfetched. Perhaps the influx of moneyed condo-dwellers will change that, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I doubt the management of WF or TJ’s will take that risk, either.Frankly anon, I would never underestimate the distance that people in NJ are willing to drive to get to what they want.This is my opinion. Sure, I could be wrong. But though I’m long-term bullish on Rahway, I think you have to walk before you can run.

  13. Seems like people here don’t appreciate the mom and pop stores in rahway. All you really seem to care about is getting high price coffee with a side of no personality. The little stores in rahway make up the town, but hey if you’re willing to pay for overpriced coffee then I guess you have no problem with the $4.00 a gallon gas prices.

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