Recent activity at former Koza’s Bar site

There’s been some activity in recent weeks at the former Koza’s Bar site on West Scott Avenue.

Koza's Bar activity under wayThe 0.7-acre site has approval for a two-story, 10-unit apartment complex. The Zoning Board approved an application in October 2014. The 10 two-bedroom units would have 18 parking spaces.

According to property records, the lot was sold for $450,000 in December 2015. The transaction was between two limited liability companies (Scott Avenue, LLC and 197 West Scott Avenue, LLC), so it’s unclear if it’s just one subsidiary of the same Clark developer who received zoning approval.

Three different zoning applications previously had been rejected, including a proposal in 2007 for 12 rental units in a 3-story building. A plan for nine three-bedroom condos was approved in 2008 but never materialized after the recession.

The building that housed Koza’s bar was demolished in late 2009.

Thanks to reader Kevin who noticed the recent activity.

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