Power seems restored to more of Rahway

The Rahway Power Map has been updated through Monday evening, with numerous reports from readers on Monday afternoon of restored power throughout town. Some parts of the map might not be accurate if someone reported power being out but has not posted or tweeted a follow-up that power is back.

It would seem there might be some folks still stricken with no power, particularly these areas:

* A large swath near the Linden border, an area east of Grand Avenue, West Scott and Linden avenues to Lower Alden Drive — lots of downed trees in this area.

* West of St. Georges Avenue in the vicinity of the high school (also saw lots of downed trees around there).- Near the Colonia border around Murray Street.

* A section of West Milton Avenue near West Emerson — with reports of still no power at a few places in the vicinity of Maple Avenue and West Emerson Avenue, including the Clifford Case Senior Housing.

* Some issues within complexes, such as River Place, where both buildings have been restored but there are reports of issues with individual meters.

          * Near the Colonia border around Murray St.

Thanks to everyone for their patience during this difficult week, as well as to everyone who has helped in getting power restored (hope it wasn’t too much of a hardship for anyone). But if you still don’t have power, don’t take for granted that PSE&G knows you’re out of juice; contact them to be sure (and hang in there!). For information on voting in Tuesday’s election, jump below the map.

Election Day is still Tuesday, with Roosevelt School the only local polling place without power but the county Board of Elections will provide a generator and the Police Department and Board of Education will provide external and internal lighting; voters should enter through the West Lake Avenue entrance (Door 17), according to the city. The polling place may not open exactly at 6 a.m. Polls are open until 8 p.m. Voters in the 5th Ward at the Senior Center on Esterbrook Avenue should enter the rear of the building.

The city clerk’s office will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. for assistance or election concerns, and can be reached at City Hall or by 732-827-2100.

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  1. My parents still do not have power on West Emerson. Lots of downed trees have been moved but polls need to be replaced and they did not see anyone working this morning. They have called PSE&G several times but no estimate.

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