Poll: Your favorite Rahway bar

Where do you go in Rahway when “you want to go where everybody knows your name – and they’re always glad you came”? We’re bringing back polls more often and our newest: What’s your favorite bar in Rahway?

Since the recent pizza poll was big hit, I’d like to bring back the poll as a more regular, interactive feature.

What's your favorite bar in Rahway?

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The last time we did a Favorite Bar poll was in the salad days of the blog. Since then, we’ve seen a few close ( Koza’s, Mango’s), others change hands or names (Meatballs & Brews, Patria). The next time around, there probably will be another addition to the list.

For purposes of this poll, I included any restaurants or eateries that include a bar. And keep in mind, it’s favorite bar, not favorite restaurant — we’ll back to that some other time. Anyone I’m missing? Feel free to use the “Other” option if I did, and please use the comments section to let me know.

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