Poll: What’s your favorite place for pizza?

We’ve been so focused on news and other blog items, it’s been awhile since we rolled out a poll, so here’s an oldie but a goodie to nosh on while I put together the next few posts:

What’s your favorite place for pizza in Rahway?
Brooklyn Pizza
KC’s Pizzeria
Nunzio’s II
Nancy’s Towne House
Papa Vito
Rahway Pizza
Ted’s Pizzeria

I’d call it the annual Rahway Rising pizza poll but it seems we missed out in 2010. Check out our previous poll results on pizza from 2009 and 2008. Cast your vote in the poll along the right side of the main page. As always, a reminder that the poll isn’t scientific in the least, and can be easily manipulated by anyone with too much time on their hands, so please, only one vote a piece.


I came across this story in The Brooklyn Paper last month — “Fifth Avenue gets trash cans straight out of ‘The Jetsons'” — and thought it was interesting. The local Business Improvement District (BID) installed six solar-powered, self-compacting trash cans. They cost $3,000 but hold three to five times as much trash thanks to the built-in compactor that’s activated by internal sensors when trash piles up. But, there is some evidence that similar devices didn’t work when they tried it in Philadelphia last year.