Poll results: Favorite Rahway pizza place

Everyone loves pizza, which is probably why we’ve done an annual favorite pizza poll on the site. Although there’s been one consistent winner in our Rahway poll, it is interesting to see the changes in results each year.

nancysIt’s the fifth time that Nancy’s Towne House and its thin-crust style have been crowned the winner in our poll (Wow, we’ve been doing this a long time). This year’s results showed a bunch of pizza joints crowded together after Nancy’s, with only a few votes separating four places.

There are fewer choices in recent polls, with several pizzerias closing in recent years.  I’d be interested to find out which pizzeria(s) got the three “Other” votes. Here are the full results of our 2015 pizza poll:

  1. Nancy’s Towne House, 35% (32 of 92 votes)
  2. Plum Tomato, 16% (15/92)
  3. Tony’s Pizza Cafe, 14% (13/92)
  4. Michelino’s, 12% (11/92)
  5. Nunzio’s II, 11% (10/92)
  6. Brooklyn Pizza, 7% (6/92)
  7. Other, 3% (3/92)
  8. Subworks, 2% (2/92)
  9. KC’s Pizzeria, 0% (0/92)

There were half as many votes cast this year compared to last year’s poll (maybe we can chalk that up to August being a slow time of year). Nancy’s jumped out to an early lead after the poll was posted and continued to grow its margin over the two weeks. Still, Nancy’s didn’t grab a full majority of votes like it did last year. If there was a run-off between the top two vote-getters, it’d be Nancy’s v. Plum Tomato.

Thanks to all who voted and commented. Let me know if there are any polls you’d like to see on the site in the future.

Here are results from previous pizza polls:

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