Plan for Koza’s comes back

A new plan for Koza’s bar on West Scott Avenue was deferred Monday night until next month’s meeting, Oct. 20. Only five members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment were present, barely enough for a quorum.

Only Rahway Rising had the story last December when the Zoning Board of Adjustment rejected a concept plan for 12 units at the 3/4-acre site that would have renovated the 1920 structure and added a second floor. While Zoning Board members appreciated the plan, there was some concern about the density. The new plan includes nine townhouses but still requires a bulk variance and use variance.
Koza’s didn’t fare too well in our “What’s your favorite bar in Rahway?” poll this past spring, but it must be considered one of the “elder statesemen” of Rahway bars (read: old school), as I’ve heard the second-shifters at Merck used to patronize it back in the day.