Patria a ‘Don’t Miss,’ for New York Times

Forgive me if I’m a little late with this, but check out last week’s Sunday New York Times for a review of Patria Restaurant and Mixology Lounge. 

The Times rated Patria a “Don’t Miss,” and review is as much of a profile of the chef Andrew DiCataldo, a Rahway native previously at the Rail House.

Among the suggestions by The Times for your next visit to Patria:
* “Pace yourself: appetizers will force tough decisions.”
* “Among the entrees, the Patria pork…is a welcome reprise.” (The only dish I’ve tried in my lone visit, I would agree, it was very good.) “But it was the succulent Portuguese churrasco that had us at ‘ola.’
* Mr. DiCataldo doesn’t let up when it comes to dessert.”

Patria isn’t perfect though. “The garlic shrimp lacked zing; the parihuela (seafood stew) was overcooked; the dulce le leche ice cream overshot into cloying.

“But don’t miss the place, as much for the food as for the eye candy on the plate, the eye-popping outfits on diner-dancers and the return of a homegrown chef who still has much to say.”

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