Parking dispute nears final settlement

A dispute over downtown parking should be officially settled by next month, which could pave the way for groundbreaking on the 208-unit Main & Monroe project as early as this year.

Executive Director Leonard Bier told commissioners at the April 6 Redevelopment Agency meeting that he was hopeful for a complete settlement by May 1 of the objections brought by the owners of Luciano‚Äôs Ristorante. The final settlement would mean the lawsuit “as an impediment [to the Main & Monroe project] will disappear,” he said.

City Council in February approved an arrangement for the Parking Authority to use a parcel along Bridge Street.

Main and Monroe view from Monroe cornerDuring her report at the meeting, engineer Jacqueline Dirmann said they’re working to finalize water and sewer permits and subdivisions associated with the two-building project by Slokker Real Estate Group.

Coordinating between sidewalks, curbs, water and sewer with adjacent Gramercy project is necessary because the two developments will be in the ground at different times, Bier said. The Slokker project includes extending Monroe Street, connecting Main Street and East Cherry Street through Lot B.

Bier said he thought the five-story Main & Monroe development might break ground in 2017 but Slokker is trying to break ground this year and officials are “facilitating “a laundry list of items” to expedite it.

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