NJ Transit stairs closing in on six months

It’s about the slowest week of the year so you’ll forgive me for posting about the center stairs at the train station — which have been closed for most of this year without any tangible evidence of any repairs whatsoever. Two emails this summer to NJ Transit inquiring about the stairs have not been answered.

There’s this station advisory dated April 2 indicating the stairs will be closed “until further notice for necessary repairs.”

I shared the elevator with a frustrated rider on Saturday afternoon who also was amazed by the slow pace of the elevator.


The Garwood Borough Council recently adopted an ordinance that “prohibits monetary and in-kind donations and pledges by redevelopers ‘to any Garwood candidate or holder of public office…having responsibility for arranging, entering into, or approving a redevelopment agreement on or appointing those who enter into the agreement on behalf of the municipality.'”
According to the Cranford Chronicle story on nj.com, the mayor and borough attorney said the measure wasn’t related to any redevelopment plan but part of “an overall effort to prevent conflicts in development in the future.”