New poll: What’s your favorite restaurant?

It’s been quite some time since our last blog poll, so here’s one that everyone should enjoy. Next time you’re looking for places to eat in Rahway, just check back here, and feel free to use the comments section below after visits to any of these places.

We’ve done polls on your favorite pizza, favorite burger, favorite bar, so let’s focus on the restaurant aspect.

To avoid too long a list of choices, I only included restaurants that have sit-down service (no fast food), can seat a reasonable amount of people at once (more than say a dozen), and serve dinner. (El Bodegon is included even though it’s been undergoing renovations since early this year). If there’s any establishment that you think was left out, use the comments portion of the post and click on “Other.” Otherwise, just scroll to the right side page of the blog and click you’re favorite (only one vote allowed). Perhaps we’ll devise another poll in the future about your favorite breakfast nooks or takeout joints.

“What’s your favorite restaurant in Rahway?”
Casa Borinquen
El Bodegon
Firehouse Pub & Eatery
Flynn’s Irish Pub & Steakhouse
Galaxy Diner

In The Mix
Nancy’s Towne House
Mango’s Grill
Tauros Tapas Grill
The Waiting Room