Mayoral candidate: Patrick Cassio

Editor’s note: Election Day is Nov. 4. On the ballot in Rahway will be elections for mayor and three at-large City Council seats in addition to the remaining two years of an unexpired term for 6th Ward City Council. The three mayoral candidates were invited to present their platforms on redevelopment and will appear this week. Samson Steinman appeared on Monday and Renee Bridges Thrash appeared on Tuesday.

As Mayor, I will focus on redeveloping Rahway with a thriving downtown business/office center together with a residential and retail mix. Maintaining the arts, entertainment, and restaurants.

Cassio.PatrickRedevelopment in Rahway is broken. The mass resignation last month of the Rahway Redevelopment Agency Commissioners and the Executive Director in the face of an investigation by the State Comptrollers office are just the tip of the iceberg. The failure of my opponent to make the City’s designated redeveloper to operate a hotel in Rahway shows a lack of leadership. The hotel is a must, even if we have to go to court to get the developer to honor his contract.

Redevelopment in Rahway should focus on bringing businesses, retail, and office space into our downtown, not on building hundreds and hundreds of apartments. Our small business owners should have a friend in City hall. The recent closing of streets during business hours hurt our small shops owners. I will involve and work with all stakeholders downtown and listen to their concerns. We will create more opportunities. A food store is one example that I believe we can accomplish.

Rahway has become very expensive and high propriety taxes are the reason. The political machine has raised property taxes and increased debt to record levels. Their political appointed positions and no bid contracts add to the property tax burden. Studies show the upper management salaries in the City of Rahway are some of the highest in NJ. The Redevelopment Director/Business Administrator was being paid $300,000 per year! That is outrageous! All hiring goes through political bosses instead of being done or sound management reasons. My team has studied many areas of waste and mismanagement in the city budget. We have identified over 3 million dollars of waste. We will free up thisĀ  money to stabilize taxes and work hard everyday with the goal of saving tax dollars for our working families.

The current mayor’s cozy relationship with the political-insider contractors threatens the future of Rahway’s hard working families. His redevelopment projects and planned projects don’t pay school taxes (PILOT). As Mayor, I will also focus on strengthening our schools as a critical element of the overall picture of a vital community. Let’s not be just a transient community! I will fight for the interest of Rahway residents first, not developers.

Rahway should support the Arts, but I would attempt to get more private donations from Merck and others to help. I would give our residents more free opportunities to attend some of the events. Residents would feel part of this new Arts community and support our downtown.

We can build a better Rahway. We can attract a wide range of development that incorporates our entire city and helps to build a real community. Redevelopment should be serving this goal, not vice versa. We have the infrastructure; we just need the leadership to bring it all together. I will bring that bold leadership. I would respectfully ask for you vote as Mayor on November 4th.

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    1. Vivian,
      There are four businesses between the barricades that were effected. Trust me I own two of the buildings where my tenants complained. It is not a street where there are much more businesses that could of been patronized. My name is Rafael Ortiz and my number is 732-921-6918 and I have nothing to hide.

      1. And i saw some business owners come outside and enjoy the festivities. I don’t need your ph #. I too can speak to downtown rahway businesses and some said their landlord was asking them to put political signs on window which tenants weren’t thrilled about.

        1. no disrespect Vivian but how much do you have invested in downtown Rahway? I am just listening to storefronts who pay rent to me. I care what they say. I always did and always will.

  1. I think we need MORE development. Has the current mayor tried to get private donations from Merck and other companies? Also, the downtown hurts because a lot of the storefronts are not conducive to a healthy downtown…we have moving company storefronts, awning storefronts, office supply storefronts…People don’t frequent these places in a downtown. Also many places are closed early, or not open during normal business hours. I would like to see more on the arts front, and more development. Just my opinion.

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