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Rahway Rising Facebook page

I created the Rahway Rising Facebook Profile back in September 2009 and kept it up since people were following it or the Facebook Page. The Profile isn’t my personal account but just one that I created to share blog posts, however, Facebook frowns on Profiles not being actual people. Facebook Pages are meant for companies and organizations.

So after many years of operating both the Profile and the Page, this week might be the end of the Profile account as Facebook seems to be cracking down on Profiles that aren’t a person.

The Rahway Rising Facebook Profile has more than 2,500 friends and some of those folks also overlap among the 900 “Likes” for the Facebook Page.

The Facebook Profile might be shut down as early as Tuesday, so hustle on over to the Rahway Rising Facebook page and click like to continue receiving updates in your news feed.

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UPDATED: OK, the Profile page continues for the time being. I thought the Profile might get shut down but it looks like Facebook just wanted a real name associated with the account so I changed it from Rahway Rising to my own name.