Hamilton Stage taking shape

The future Hamilton Stage for the Performing Arts (a.k.a., the former Bell Building) has been taking shape, with the steel structure extending further toward the sidewalk in recent weeks. The 220-seat black box theater and performing arts space is scheduled to open next summer (here’s a floor plan).

For a peek at what it looked like when work first started this spring, check out this previous post.

The deadline for requests for proposals (RFPs) to become an artistic affiliate of the Hamilton Stage has been pushed back eight weeks, to Oct. 12.

RFPs were posted (.pdf) on the Arts District website this summer, and originally were to be received by Aug. 17. About 20 companies had expressed interest by June.


The Rahway Arts District is sponsoring an “I ‘Art Rahway” giveaway. Tell them why you ‘Art Rahway (follow the link), and you’ll be entered to win a T-shirt signed by musician Nicole Adkins, who performed here this summer. Winners will be announced at the Oct. 6 First Thursday.

5 thoughts on “Hamilton Stage taking shape”

  1. When a bad storm comes and hamilton st floods like it did last year when I saw cars floating on the street this theater will flood and more money spent….

  2. Does anyone know about a search for administrative employment at Hamilton Stage? I'm a professional arts administrator working in Manhattan, but I live in Rahway. Anyone know who I can connect with to officially express interest being part of the administrative team? I thank you for any help anyone can provide!

  3. Hi Samantha. I was wondering the exact same thing, so I contacted Jim Kennedy and Richard T. Bryant, the Arts Management consultant to the Rahway Arts District. Unfortunately I never heard back from either of them.With a grand opening in September, I assumed there'd be various postings for jobs by now. I'm curious to see if and when anything will be listed. The place needs to be staffed, no?

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