Hamilton amphitheater sketches

Designs for the Hamilton Street amphitheater have been drawn up and are awaiting approval by the Arts District Advisory Board.

Redevelopment Director and City Administrator Peter Pelissier said designs have not yet been agreed upon by the board. Commissioner Anthony Diege said at the last Redevelopment Agency meeting that the advisory board was expecting comments by the end of this month about changes that could affect operations. The board is expecting to interview three architectural firms for the project.

Specifications and architect’s plans are necessary to get a cost estimate for building the stage, which will be situated near the river in a flood plain, Pelissier said.

The amphitheater project is expected to go to bid and break ground by next year. There’s still some work to be done before construction, including asbestos removal from the adjacent house that will be razed to make way for a concession stand.

The second phase, once the amphitheater is constructed, will include design and development of the Bell Building for a black box and dance theater. A parking area along the river will connect the amphitheater and black box theater at the Bell Building.