El Quincho opens Monday in former Tauros Grill

Argentinian-style barbeque will be coming to Rahway with the opening of El Quincho Bar and Grill on Monday. Directly translated from Spanish, El Quincho means “The barbeque.”

El Quincho exteriorThe eatery, which took home Best Barbeque honors at The Taste of Rahway in April, will occupy a space at the corner of Monroe and Bond streets (map) that has been vacant since Tauros Tapas Grill left several years ago. Before the Spanish-Portuguese tapas restaurant, the place was known as Rio Cafe.

The dining room seats about 55 in addition to a bar that seats about 30. El Quincho signThe site at 285-289 Monroe St. (map). includes an adjacent residential property and is directly across the street from the 88-unit Meridia Grand, which opened in summer 2010. You might be surprised how quick a walk the location is from downtown, barely 10 minutes at a brisk pace.

5 thoughts on “El Quincho opens Monday in former Tauros Grill”

  1. DO NOT EAT HERE the food is small portioned , very dry , and has no flavor
    In addition the service is very slow ( I was the only one in there!!!)

  2. John,

    I’m all for people sharing their opinions (good or bad) about local places, but urging people not to eat there (via all caps no less) seems a bit unfair after but one visit.

  3. I got some takeout there last week, I thought it was solid. The empanadas were just OK (I had beef and chicken), also had chicken as a main dish, which was good, and I enjoyed the sides (beans and rice as well as Nicaraguan-style potato salad). Apparently, the liquor license wasn’t finalized yet but I could see it being a good spot to watch the World Cup next month thanks to a projection screen in the dining area.

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