Downtown pharmacy moves to St. Georges

Skaff’s CorSkaffs Pharmacy.old location from Cherryner Pharmacy is no longer on the corner of East Cherry and Main streets in downtown Rahway.

The local pharmacy moved out of its 90 E. Cherry St. location, planning to open today in a new space at St. George Shopping Center on St. Georges Avenue.

Gelber Associates last year built an approximately 2,800-square-foot Skaffs locationbuilding with two commercial spaces adjacent to its existing storefronts at the shopping center. A Subway franchise relocated from the corner of St. Georges and West Milton avenues into about 1,000 square feet on the west side of the new building and Skaff’s will occupy the remaining space.

6 thoughts on “Downtown pharmacy moves to St. Georges”

  1. Was this a good idea? Older disabled folks from the downtown area that used to walk to Skaffs now have to walk(?) almost 1mile to St George Ave – cross a very busy road – to go to a pharmacy & there goes another downtown store going empty.

    1. That Rahway rebuilding its self again, concerdering how well they did the last time! Maybe they should worry about filling the store fronts that are empty in the downtown area first!!!

  2. FYI – Skaff offers delivery service.
    It’s a great move for them. The old store was dingy and while had a certain charm, too small. Their hours also were terrible and I’m hoping this will change now that they are in better accommodations.
    I hope it’s successful. Very nice people run this drugstore. Hope being so close to CVS and Walgreen’s doesn’t hurt them. I for one, intend to stick with them as their service is always effortless with little wait time.

  3. Dan, Let’s look at downtown compared to St. George in terms of parking, visibility, safety and the number of passersbys.. Can you blame them for moving?

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