What would you like to see in this space?

Now that Skaff’s Corner Pharmacy has vacated its longtime downtown storefront for greener pastures on St. Georges Avenue, it leaves vacant a prominent space at the corner of East Cherry and Main streets.

Skaffs view from MainSo, loyal readers, what would you like to see move into this space? It’s quite the key spot downtown with significant visibility on both East Cherry and Main streets. Keep in mind, it was home to a pharmacy for many years so there might be some limitations without serious renovations (such as anything food related), and there are apartments on the upper floors. No word on what the asking rent is or precisely how much square footage.

We’ve had a liquor store open on Main Street within the past year, and an eatery earlier this year just a few doors down, so what else would you like to see downtown? They’re a little stale but to get the brainstorming, started, check out the Rahway Survey results form 2008.

The last time we tried the “What would you like to see in this space?” game, there were a few good comments and soon after our discussion, Taria Reed Photography took over the space at 69 E. Cherry St. and is still there.

23 thoughts on “What would you like to see in this space?”

  1. Gift card shop like Hallmark so I don’t have to drive to Linden. Plus it would look really nice on that corner.

  2. I’m on board with a good coffee shop. I also like the idea of a Hallmark. Both would be great additions. Unfortunately, it’s too small for any kind of grocery which we really could use.

    1. Thanks, I agree. downtown Rahway needs a place to get a bagel on a Saturday or Sunday morning. You are correct, Yuno is horrible, there are no good bagel places by us.

  3. Seems to me that Skaff’s finally realized what everyone else in Rahway already knows, that the 10 plus year(s) downtown redevelopment is a complete failure!! In an area where we need quality retail stores, we are over-burdened by a revolving door of junk stores and a “one way over focusing” on the arts. In the last 12 years where my taxes have doubled, downtown Rahway still offers very little. You get what you vote for!!

  4. Well, if you’re just wildly guessing, perhaps that’s true. Why a small business owner moves or closes though typically depends on their own individual circumstances. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out but other times, I know places that have closed because of family illness or going back to school, etc. In this case, maybe the space was newer, less expensive, or just fit their needs better, but unless we’ve talked to them, we’re all just guessing.

    Don’t misunderstand though, I don’t disagree that downtown needs more options beyond bars, restaurants and salons, and I often hear from folks that they have “no reason” to go downtown as far as retail or commercial options.

  5. A Trader Joe’s can’t possibly fit in this space, even if the adjacent two properties were added to it.

    I’ve often said that the bagel options around Rahway are sorely lacking. There seems to be a void that could be filled by a good bagel and/or coffee shop.

    Thanks for the comments and feedback!

  6. Don’t forget that Flynn’s is also sitting vacant. Though the last time I went there, it may as well have already closed for as lively the patrons were. Waiting Room surely won that battle (and serves an excellent burger).

  7. How about a little more flexibilty on the parking situation downtown? Do you need to feed the meters on weekends? That is the main reason I dont go downtown as much.

    1. Funny you should mention that Mike. One of the rare times I ate downtown, the business owner complained bitterly about the meters having a 1 hour limit. This basically meant that after I finished my main course and before I receive my desert, I would have to get up, go outside and re-feed the meters. Unfortunately, the problems downtown are far more pressing than the short-sighted justifications of family illnesses and/or small business owners “going back to school”… The fact takers for this city should focus on the profitability of the downtown area in relationship to the tax payers of Rahway. Perhaps the 10 plus years redevelopment is worth it, perhaps NOT! Lets investigate if its even worth opening another business downtown in what MANY citizens consider a directionless approach. We need Mainline Retail Mall like businesses for any chance of success. I rest my case…

  8. “Short-sighted justification”? What does that mean exactly? I was merely citing a couple of examples that I was familiar with about why a particular business closed in recent years. I didn’t mean to “justify” anything. “Mainline retail mall-like businesses” would be nice though I’m not sure how many downtowns – other than the higher-end likes of Westfield or Summit – really attract those anymore.

  9. something similar to Stewarts with bar seating only for on the go items– hotdogs, grilled cheese, lemonade, shakes, coffee, bagels, etc

  10. or a place like Saladworks, with prepared mix salads all your own toppings and protein (chicken, tofu, and beef)

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