Discussions continue for Center Circle site

The Redevelopment Agency on Wednesday tabled discussions to designate a redeveloper of The Center Circle site as owners of the facility continue to evaluate bids for the Main Street property.

b68c8-center_circle252c_library_in_backCarl Schulz of The Center Circle, LP, sent a letter to the Redevelopment Agency and appeared before commissioners at their meeting last month requesting a delay in designating a redeveloper. The agency had been considering reinstating the designation for AST Development Corporation until the end of the year. Executive Director Leonard Bier recommended last month that commissioners honor Schulz’s request and postpone a designation for 30 days but not indefinitely.

Schulz said he continues to communicate with the three developers on their bids for the 3.55-acre Main Street property. “We want to make sure the developers finally selected are able to deliver the type of development the city wants,” he said.

Two years ago, Lavallette-based AST Development proposed three, five-story buildings of 248 rental apartments for the site. A revised plan was presented in December 2014 by Heartstone Development featuring one 250-unit building. Neither plan materialized after unexpected environmental cleanup complicated the sale. Eventually, AST’s designation as redeveloper expired.

Schulz told commissioners last month that timing is an issue since environmental remediation on the site must be completed before the facility’s busy season, which begins in October.

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