City Council tables Water’s Edge plan

The City Council on Monday tabled an ordinance (0-26-11) that would amend a redevelopment plan to include a 108-unit, five-story rental complex proposed near the library. Concerns were raised about the size of apartments and the density of units as proposed.

The governing body will take up the ordinance to amend the Lower Main Street Urban Renewal Plan at its meeting on Oct. 11 but some council members had concerns about the density and overall plans for the surrounding area.

The day after Hurricane Irene. (By D. Palmer)

Representatives of Capodagli Property Company appeared before the council during its pre-meeting conference last week to present their plan, which includes a request for a Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILOT) for the project.

Fifth Ward Councilwoman Jennifer Wenson-Maier said Monday night that she thought the units seem too small and the density of the project too high for the three-quarter-acre site. The 56 two-bedroom units would be 816 square feet as currently proposed, with 14 one-bedroom units of 672 square feet, and another 42 one-bedrooms of 720 square feet since they feature an office area.

There’s no master plan for that parcel or the three acres around it, Wenson-Maier said, adding that she’d like to aim for a “better product” and a more complete plan for the area, even if it means delaying the project. In addition to density, Councilman At-large James Baker raised concerns about potential future flooding, and also preferred to include some retail and commercial components, as was the case with the Town Center project. (The photo of the site above was taken the day after Hurricane Irene).

The Water’s Edge application was to go before the Planning Board on Sept. 27 but now will be delayed until the ordinance is approved by City Council.


NJ Transit issued an advisory that the outbound stairs on the east end of the Rahway Train Station will close Monday, until mid-October.

It would appear that the main/center stairs on the inbound platform are almost completely rebuilt — after being closed for more than 18 months. The Rahway Chamber of Commerce had an attorney send a letter to NJ Transit this week about the deplorable conditions and glacial pace of repairs to the inbound main stairs and the outbound elevator.

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  1. Please, no more Indigo soon-to-be-foreclosed or St. George torch-em-up projects…until you get a major supermarket chain in town first. Flooding isn't the issue, its marketplace supply and demand.

  2. That's called Linden…what a mesh that place is. On a recent visit, one of the 2 cashiers on duty only seemed concerned with telling me to remove the flyers someone else left in the cart. It is low end beyond belief.

  3. That Pathmark is disgusting regardless of where it is. The few times I braved going in there, I was sorely disappointed by the quality of the produce and meat department. Let alone, in general, the dismal atmosphere it projects. There are far better places to grocery shop in the same driving distance or just barely further along for me (Shop Rite in Woodbridge for instance). Rahway needs a clean, up-to-date, affordable grocer that takes pride in their products and will value their patrons – even if it isn't a large name brand. I'd gladly shop in town if such a place existed.

  4. Just hop on to Valley Road and head to Clark shop rite. Clean, brite quality and selection.They don't have a asile with "salty snacks" above it…lol

  5. Yeah, but we need a grocer downtown, walking distance. Down on St. George's, at the "Deals" strip mall, is a terrific place called "Rahway Farms". We go there all the time for produce. I wonder if they could be enticed to move downtown, if they were provided a good location it could become a centerpoint of growth.Separately:I've complained many times about the Rahway train station condition. I'm thrilled and proud to see some community leaders pushing for action.

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