City Council approves 2016 budget

City Council unanimously approved a 2016 municipal budget of $53 million that projects a $39 tax increase for the average home.

Some $36.7 million will be raised through property taxes. The budget comes in under the state-allowed cap for appropriations and tax levy. The tax levy is about 1.75 percent higher than the previous year.

The governing body last month introduced the municipal budget, which was essentially unchanged before being approved. After about 10 minutes of some perfunctory questions from City Council members, asking the administration to explain the tax impact, revenue from Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT) and Union County Utilities Authority, and capital budget, among other things.

There were no other comments during the public hearing and no one from the public in attendance.

City Council also approved a Special Improvement District (SID) budget for 2016 of $140,000, a breakdown of which can be found within the resolution. There was no comment from the public or governing body about the SID budget, which also was approved by a 9-0 vote.

Here’s a closer look at some of the significant increases and decreases in certain line-items of the budget. A summary of the budget is available here and here’s a full 60-page, line-item of the budget.

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  1. Maybe I can get a PILOT like the cronies of the politicians here. $100 up front to cover me the next 25 years sounds about right….with a substantial “donation” to the reelection campaign. This town gets the politicians it deserves I suppose.

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