Burger wars go to Flynn’s

Wow, it wasn’t even very close. Flynn’s and The Waiting Room had been neck and neck for awhile in the latest poll, but the last few weeks, it’s been aaallll Flynn’s. No need for a run-off even.

“Who makes the best cheeseburger in Rahway?”

Flynn’s, 37 percent (59/156)
Big Belly Deli, 26 percent (42/156)***

The Waiting Room, 14 percent (22/156)
Firehouse Pub, 6 percent (10/156)
Just A Little Healthier, 5 percent (9/156)
Stewart’s, 3 percent (3/156)
Bachmann’s Tavern, 3 percent (5/156)
Rahway Grill, 1 percent (2/156)
Other, >0 percent (1/156)
Cubanu, 0 percent, (0/156)
Technically, the burger at Just A Little Healthier is a bison burger. Cubanu had been nominated but never got a vote. Anyone want to share who their “other” vote was? Rocky’s Bar and Grill? Some other place we missed?

***There actually was a bit of, dare I say, “controversy” in the final night of the poll. Late Wednesday night, Big Belly Deli had but five votes with only hours before the poll closed. I wake up Thursday morning to find BBD got about seven times as many votes in the final hours of the poll than it did in the entire two weeks! I’m guessing someone had a lot of time on their hands Wednesday night…
(P.S. The image above was one I just found in a quick Internet search. Don’t go to Flynn’s, or anywhere else local, looking for it…)

12 thoughts on “Burger wars go to Flynn’s”

  1. Obviously the Waiting Room and Flynns did the same thing. They both shot up to thier numbers pretty quickly and then it dropped off to NIL.I say we have a cheesburger cook off.

  2. Well, River Place has those considerate neighbors who refuse to maintain their cars and enjoy waking everyone up at ungodly hours as their belts screech upon startup. I’m talking to you, gold Nissan Pathfinder lady – we’re going on 2 years now.Anyone know the pet policy at Skyview? There sure are a lot of dogs at River Place (even stray pit bulls are welcome), so maybe if you’re with dog, you have no choice but to go with RP.

  3. HAHA. I just fell out of my chair. Gold Pathfinder lady needs to stop. With the weather getting nicer and my windows open she wakes me up every damn morning.

  4. Looks like we have a lot of company here! LOLI hate that ladies car too! We all need to let the bldg manager know how annoying it is, its got to violate some sort of noise ordinace, especially given her odd hours. if he gets multiple complaints, maybe he can force her to fix her car or move out or at least park in the garage where i think the screech would be contained. Or send her to Skyview! LOL

  5. Hahahahah. I wonder if that lady is a reader here and she’s sitting aghast at her computer now, wondering how many of her neighbors she’s irritated over the past few years. xD Hahah.

  6. Pets are allowed at Skyview, at a maximum of 25lbs.We’ll gladly accept Pathfinder lady. The garage and building insulation should keep us safe from her.

  7. Does anyone even know who this person is? Seems like there are enough of us here who are impacted by this inconsiderate buffoon that we should be able to get the point across one way or another.Let’s just say traditional, generally accepted civil methods have yielded no results thus far.Sleep deprivation can drive people to crazy consequences. Just sayin’.

  8. Speaking of sleep deprivation, do you people have the same problem when that caterer plays their music so loud back there? The one near the Blue Nile? I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t be able to hear that also. I live in a neighboring building and have been kept awake quite a few times by the music system coming out of that place. Thankfully, it seems they were shut down for some code violations a couple of months back, which haven’t been attended to; so no parties lately but OMG, when they get cranking there is no sleep to be had until they shut down.

  9. OK, so I take this to mean there aren’t really many compelling reasons to live in River Place unless you like noise?… for you RiverPlacers out there, why don’t you just discuss this matter of the Pathfinder lady with the building management?As a tenant you are entitled to “quiet enjoyment” of your home. It should be written somewhere in your lease as I think all NJ leases require such language. The landlord would be on solid ground in asking the resident to have their car fixed. Unless the woman is parking in a public space. Then you got nothing. But doesn’t River Place have designated parking? If she is parking there, she can be forced to fix the problem or park outside of the designated area.If the landlord/manager hears complaints for more than one person s/he will likely want to resolve the problem rather than lose tenants.

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