$100k repair work for water treatment plant

Repairs to an existing reinforced concrete wall at the Rahway Water Treatment Plant on Westfield Avenue will run an additional $100,000 over the original $9.8 million contract to improve the century-old facility.

City Council approved a resolution (AR-126-16) at its regular meeting in June awarding a change order of $103,246.76 to cover the remedial work which was needed immediately. The condition was discovered during excavation for the construction oRahway Water Treatment Planf the new filter system building.

East Brunswick-based Tomar Construction was the lowest responsible bidder for the water treatment plant improvements, coming in at $9.824 million among five bids overall. The remedial work was not part of the original contract awarded last summer.

The resolution indicated that “structural reinforcement and repair to the existing westerly wall of the sedimentation basin No. 2” was necessary immediately.