Myriad Zoning, Planning appointments approved

The mayor and City Council last month approved a number of appointments to the Zoning Board of Adjustment and Planning Board.

At its March 9 regular meeting, City Council approved a resolution (AR-74-15) confirming four appointments by Mayor Samson Steinman to the 11-member Zoning Board of Adjustment:

  • Adrian Zapotocky of West Inman Avenue, who was a first alternate,  fills an unexpired term through 2016, replacing Daniel Garay of Midwood Drive, who last year served on the Redevelopment  Agency before briefly being appointed to the Zoning Board.
  • Jorge Casalins of Lafayette Street was appointed to a term ending in 2018, taking the seat of James Heim of Beechwood Road. He also serves as the mayor’s confidential assistant/public information officer, to a term ending in 2018.
  • Heim had been a regular member and  was appointed to fill the first alternate seat previously held by Zapotocky, to a term ending in 2016. He served as treasurer to the Election Fund of Samson Steinman and Rahway Democrats 2014, according to Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) filings.
  • Jaime Rolong of Kline Place was appointed second alternate to a term ending in 2016, replacing Aleida Rosete.

City Council most recently made two appointments to the Zoning Board last November.

At the same March meeting, City Council appointed 6th Ward Councilman Bob Bresenhan as the council’s representative to the Planning Board through 2015 (AR-73-15). He replaces Sal Mione, whose City Council At-large term expired at the end of 2014.

Appointments to the 11-member Planning Board are made by the mayor except for the council representative. Steinman also made the following appointments to the Planning Board:

  • Alex Shipley of Elm Avenue, who is considered the city historian, replaces Greg Hardoby as the mayor’s representative, to a term ending in 2018.
  • Lisa DaSilva of Orchard Street, to a term ending in 2018.
  • Danielle Newbury of Bryant Street replaces Shipley as first alternate to a term ending in 2016. She also serves on the board of the Rahway Arts District.
  • Dennys Rolong of  Lakeside Drive replaces Joseph Velotti as second alternate to a term ending in 2015.

City Council at its meeting on Monday night also reappointed Armando Sanchez of West Milton Avenue to a four-year term (2019) on the Parking Authority (AR-90-15). He also has been a commissioner on the Redevelopment Agency since September and works as recreational facilities director for Union County.

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