Recent retail comings and goings

Catching up on some retail turnover in recent months:

Chess Mates* Chess Mates, among the first retail tenants at Park Square when it opened in 2010, recently moved to the Cherry Street Mall at 79 E. Cherry St.

* Across the street, a “For Rent” sign is up in the window at Village Bistro, which had only opened early this year at 78 E. Cherry St.

* Wick’ed Flame closed up shop at 77 E. Milton Ave. but still lives on via the Internet. The soy candles and natural cosmetics shop lasted about two years.

* Valentina’s Italian restaurant on 956 St. Georges Ave. closed last month.

* Office Mountain took over the space at 1475 Main St., which previously was briefly occupied by a satellite campaign office (Pallone for Senate, I think), and  before that, a men’s boutique called Def Def.

9 thoughts on “Recent retail comings and goings”

  1. 1. The food at Bistro was too high priced for the type of storefront they were in.
    2. Can’t believe Wicked Candle lasted that long.
    3. Sad about Valentina’s. Somehow, we never managed to try it even though it was around the block.
    4. BTW, I noticed the cupcake bakery on Cherry closed also? Had you covered this and I missed it? Not surprised on that account either. Wish someone would open a real bakery in town.

    1. Cupcake bakery on E Cherry = Aromalicious? That was awhile though, but nothing else coming to mind.

        1. Ah, yes, of course. I couldn’t think of it for the life of me at the time you mentioned it. Yes, that closed earlier this year though I never got around to posting about it.

  2. agreed. I went to the bistro ONCE…they didn’t have menu’s, they were out of basically everything, and the food was….less than desirable.

    Never got around to try Valentina’s either.

    We need an ice cream place, a bagel place, and a legit deli…who wants to go in on one with me!

    What do you guys/girls think would be a successful business downtown?

    1. 1.Coffee shop cream place !!
      3. a supermarket where one can purchase meat/fish..doesnt have to be big or have many many options..just the basic options, clean, fresh. 🙂

  3. The economic model employed for downtown development is based upon the way the world worked prior to 2007, but the mortgage crisis, financial catastrophe, burgeoning inequality and incredible lack of capital have wiped out emerging small businesses along with the middle class.

    Taxes are going up, services are being reduced, the hole is getting deeper and more of us are falling into it. America and the world will see no major changes in the downward spiral until we make some major changes…. but with plutocracy winning the class war, I am not hopeful that will happen any time soon.

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