New redevelopment director appointed

The Redevelopment Agency unanimously (Resolution 49-14) appointed Leonard T. Bier as its new executive director last night but one commissioner — despite voting in favor — was disappointed in the search process.

There was some discussion clarifying how long Bier had to take some mandated courses (18 months) but before the  vote was taken Commissioner Michael Staryak prefaced his remarks by saying he had no problem with Bier or his qualifications, however, he was disappointed that the search process managed to come up with just one candidate.

“I would have liked to have more candidates,” he said, confused as to how that happened despite the agency advertising a legal notice. He also questioned why the agency didn’t include the state League of Municipalities in the search, which he said is sometimes used for this type of position. Staryak, whose four-year term as commissioner runs through 2016,  made a football comparison, saying he’d be happy to have Drew Brees as the quarterback of his team — unless he knew that Peyton Manning was available.

Staryak was appointed to the agency’s three-member screening committee, along with Chairman Egon Behrmann and Commissioner Armando Sanchez, that interviewed Bier on Thursday.

“To me, he’s qualified,” Behrmann said. “Same here,” added Sanchez. “He’s been in the business, and I think he will work well with us,” Behrmann said.

Bier, who also is as executive director of the Parking Authority on a contract basis, will serve in the same capacity at the pleasure of the Redevelopment Agency commissioners, with annual compensation of $70,000.

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  1. I, too, was very surprised. Had the job listing appeared on or other job aggregator, I’m sure there would have been additional candidates. A legal notice may have appeal in terms of liability, but is not the way to uncover candidates in this day and age.

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