City Council approves building’s sale

City Council unanimously approved the sale of the Police Assistance Center building to the Parking Authority. The East Cherry Street property eventually will be razed as part of infrastructure improvements and reconfiguration related to a proposed mixed-use development and extension of Monroe Street.

52 W Cherry St.PAC building.wide shotThe governing body approved the ordinance (O-28-15) by a 8-0 vote (with one member, Michael Cox, absent) following a public hearing at the Oct. 13 regular meeting, where there was no comment from the public or council members. The ordinance was introduced at the Sept. 14 meeting. The property will be sold for a “nominal consideration” as it will be “useful and convenient for the purposes of the authority.”

Block 318, Lot 18 highlighted in yellow
Block 318, Lot 18 highlighted in yellow
The Parking Authority is expected to negotiate the exchange of portions of the right-of-way for infrastructure improvements related to projects that will reconfigure the area. DMR Construction has proposed a five-story, 44-unit project that would raze buildings from the Lot B driveway up to but not including the corner building on Irving Street. A critical piece of the 208-unit Main & Monroe project will be the extension of Monroe Street past Main Street, through Lot B to East Cherry Street.

The single-story building currently houses the Police Assistance Center, home to the department’s Juvenile Bureau. It’s yet to be determined where that will be relocated. The city bought the property in 2010 for $80,000 after the Rahway Center Partnership folded. The partnership had acquired the former Beverage Shop in 2001 for $130,000 and had an agreement in 2006 to sell it to a developer, Dornoch, which defaulted on the agreement in 2009.

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