A look at Lafayette Village through 2015

The end of the year is always an appropriate time to review the previous year or look forward to the upcoming year. After sorting some of the photos from the previous year, I’ve organized a slideshow of the images from 2015 on the latest project under way.

Among my goals for the blog is to document the changes accompanying redevelopment, so here’s a slideshow of construction photos from 2015 of the 115-unit Meridia Lafayette Village, from what I think is the most prominent angle: the corner of Main and Monroe streets. The rental project is expected to be completed this year.

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I try to take photos from more or less the same location (yes, Harvey Keitel’s character in “Smoke” is my inspiration, and if you know the film, there’s something very analogous about documenting change in downtown Rahway).

The 2008 image seems like ages ago but was the start of the predecessor to Lafayette Village predecessor (more on that below).

Another angle I found interesting to document is from Main Street at the corner of East Milton Avenue, though it didn’t strike me until the project progressed higher (thus, only two images):

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You can find an overview of the project — and a wicked cool before/after slider — in this post from July. But here are a few other things to know about the Meridia Lafayette Village project and site:

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  1. Nice series of photos. I was happy to learn that there are studio apartments in this building that put the rent within range of younger people, and others with a smaller housing budget. It is a good mix that should be promoted in future projects.

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