Vacancies filled on Redevelopment Agency

City Council approved almost 20 appointments to various boards and agencies, including filling two vacant seats on the Redevelopment Agency.

During a special meeting Monday night, the governing body approved two resolutions (AR-42-16 and AR-43-16) that included confirming 18 appointments by Mayor Samson Steinman, along with a number of resolutions awarding various contracts typically awarded at the annual reorganization meeting. The appointments are volunteer posts.

Among the appointments were:

Redevelopment Agency: Brittany Hale of Park Square (2018, to fill the unexpired term of Paul Sefranka, who stepped down) and Angela Pryor of Campbell Street (2020) while reappointed were 1st Ward Councilman Rodney Farrar of Park Street (2019) and current Chairman Egon Behrmann of Brookside Road (2020).

Parking Authority: Maurice Flynn (2019), owner of Meatballs & Brews on Main Street and a former chairman, was appointed to an unexpired term ending in 2019 vacated by Armando Sanchez’s resignation, and reappointed was James Walker (2020), owner of Rahway’s Finest Barber Shop of East Cherry Street.

Planning Board: Councilman At-large Jeremy Mojica of Hemlock Street (2016) was appointed a Class III member.

Zoning Board of Adjustment: Joanne Gemenden of Hemlock Street (2019), who originally was appointed in 2014 to fill a vacancy through 2015; alternates Debra Acevedo of Campbell Street (2018); Paula Braxton of Thorn Street (2019); Richard Willis of Bryant Street (unexpired term, 2016).

Alcoholic Beverage Control Board: Edward Rengifo of West Grand Avenue was reappointed to a two-year term (2017) and Anne Rowan of Charlotte Place was appointed to a two-year term (2017). Republican Municipal Chairman Patrick Cassio took issue with Rowan’s appointment because Eric Rickes of Maurice Avenue, who served on the board since his appointment in 2012, was not reappointed.

Cassio believes the reason Rickes was replaced was because he was “part of the SID lawsuit and the defeat the mayor suffered in court.” The mayor did not respond to a message seeking comment. UPDATED (Feb. 4): The mayor said in an interview after last night’s Redevelopment Agency meeting that he wasn’t aware that Rickes was part of a the SID lawsuit.

ABC board members are typically appointed to three-year terms, according to state laws (.pdf), and on a bipartisan basis (at least one Democrat and one Republican among the three seats).

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