Two-way traffic: July 1

The two-way traffic patterns slated for Irving and Main streets that been talked about for months finally are set to take place July 1 — if the electronic signs on Irving Street are to be believed. In addition to bringing two-way traffic to Irving and Main, three streets will become one-way toward Irving Street: East Cherry, Coach and Poplar.

The Fulton-Irving Street realignment originally had been ahead of schedule for April, according to city officials earlier this year, and two-way traffic had been planned by May 15. The traffic light was one of the conditions for the new hotel at Irving Street and East Milton Avenue.


Another center for performing arts, the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, is looking for a government bailout. Millburn is considering a $9.1-million purchase/lease-back of the playhouse and its four-acre property. Last year, as part of the $6.2-million renovation and expansion of the Union County Arts Center, Union County purchased the 80-year-old Irving Street facility for $1.3 million.

According to that report, subscriptions for the Paper Mill last year were 18,000, almost twice as many as the 9,700 at Princeton’s McCarter Theatre Center, and more than McCarter, George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick and the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison combined.

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  1. Hopefully these street changes and alignment will change the traffic pattern of the buses. They are so loud and drive right by my apt. on the corner of Lewis and Main St. I would assume they would change some of the stops and have it drive by the hotel and stay over in that area (Irving to Milton).

  2. I’m sure there will be a bit of confusion at first. Surprised the PD hasn’t set out some cones yet, as I thought they might for a few weeks to get people used to it.As for why the city is doing this, it’s been talked about for some time; a traffic study was completed a few years ago. Some parking spaces will be lost as a result, but part of the reason is to make it easier for motorists to get around downtown (particularly out-of-towners not familiar with the one-way streets), and hopefully more likely to patronize downtown businesses. There are probably a few other reasons that don’t come to mind at the moment, but those are a couple that have come up before.Click on the ‘traffic’ tag at the bottom of this latest post and it’ll show you all the posts related to traffic.

  3. This is a parking…the rates in the garage are going up $20 per month from the already high rate of $65- I would figure this is happening since they will be open 24 hrs a day. The round the clock garage is because of the condos and hotel,why should a commuter pay more? They encourage people to take mass transit then we are paying more because of the hotel. If any surcharge is added it should be paid by the groups causing it!!

  4. I don’t like that parking spots will be lost but I do like the new traffic patterns. It will make it much easier for me to navigate myself home. Cut a few blocks off of my drive home from certain directions.

  5. Studies have also shown two-way traffic to be better for pedestrians, largely because it slows down the traffic. Granted, the first few months will be hairy.

  6. I would imagine that only a few parking spaces would be lost. Probably ones near intersections so people don’t have to nudge out further to look beyond parked cars. The 2-way traffic and one-way changes I think will make Rahway have a nicer flow and allow for more accessible navigation. Remember to look both ways before you get run over in front of CubaNu since people are used to flying down Main St. anyways.

  7. Thinking about all the cars I’ve seen going down the one way streets in the wrong direction, I can’t imagine there’s gonna be an increase in accidents. If anything, this makes the streets work like most streets and should become familiar to people quickly.

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