Traffic changes: So far so good?

In the nearly two weeks since two-way traffic was instituted downtown, Police Chief John Rodger said there’s been “occasional confused motorists” but no accidents or incidents to report.

Like many motorists, I was a little surprised to see the consecutive blocks of Stop signs along Irving Street: Elizabeth Avenue, Elm Avenue (photo left), and Poplar Street.

Rodger said the city is evaluating potentially removing Stop signs at either Elm or Poplar, “but it’s too soon to tell.” He first would like to see what additional parking would be eliminated with the removal of the Poplar or Elm Stop signs. “Once that’s done we will see what the best course of action is,” he said, declining to put a timeline on the evaluation.

The Stop signs at Elizabeth and Elm actually save some parking spaces. Rodger said there can’t be parking without the Stop signs because of “line of sight issues with vehicles traveling both ways on Irving.”

About 40 parking spaces in all were eliminated downtown since Stop signs actually minimized the reduction of parking spots, he said. Originally, it was expected that more like 60 spaces would be eliminated. There are more intersection modifications planned in the future.

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