Three distinct retail districts downtown

Three distinct retail districts, with specific styles tailored to each, are recommended within downtown:

  • Entertainment District: Irving Street from the train station to Central Avenue. The district should include pubs and taverns, coffee shops, music stories (recorded and instruments), and live entertinament venues, like night clubs and comedy clubs, to supplement to arts center. The report recommends upscale dining in this district.
  • Neighborhood District: Main Street from Milton Avenue to Poplar Street. A place for residents to meet everyday needs, such as a grocery store, dry cleaner, florist, movie rentals, bakery doctor, dentist, eye care, beauty and barber shops. Casual dining is recommended here, along with sports bars, taverns or pubs.
  • Shopping District: Centered on the train station, extending one or two blocks in all directions. The district would host specialty retail stores, including boutiques, book dealers, card and gift shops, antiques, gourmet and specialty foods. Ethnic restaurants are recommended in this district, as well as sports bars, taverns and pubs.

The three districts would meet the everyday commerce needs of residents, newer residents and potential residents, provide specialty retail to attract newer and potential residents, and offer arts and entertainment activities and related retail to serve as a destination to attract outside visitors.

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