The revenge of Rahway Pizza

Call it the revenge of Rahway Pizza. Our first poll on the best pizza in Rahway had some glaring omissions, namely Rahway Pizza and Papa Vito, so we decided to try again since it’s been a year, and we have more readers (or so Google Analytics tells me).

Rahway Pizza, 34 percent (31/92)
Nancy’s Towne House, 21 percent (19/92)
Michelino’s, 13 percent (12/92)
Papa Vito, 11 percent (10/92)
Ted’s Pizzeria, 7 percent (6/92)
Brooklyn Pizza, 7 percent (6/92)
Gino’s, 5 percent (5/92)
Tony’s, 2 percent (2/92)
Subworks, 1 percent (1/92)

Last year’s poll had but 30 votes so I suppose this poll could be considered more representative with three times as many votes (a record 92), unless of course someone went around and voted on different computers.

There were some newcomers this year, with Brooklyn Pizza taking over the space at Adam’s Pizza on Race Street, and a “write-in” vote of sorts of Subworks. Buona Pizza wasn’t in the poll as I wasn’t sure whether that’s in Rahway or Clark, and another reader suggested Valentina’s offers pizza.

Any others that we may have left out? Thoughts, comments or opinions? Any more suggestions for future polls?