That’s outrageous, I won’t pay

If the latest poll results are any indication, there must be about four blood relatives or close friends who read the blog…

“Would you pay a subscription fee to access Rahway Rising?”
You mean you’d pay me, right? 70 percent (46/65)
How’s a dollar a month sound? 20 percent (13/65)
Name a price — it wouldn’t be enough! 6 percent (4/65)
A buck a week is as high as I’d go; 3 percent (2/65)
$1 per blog post; 0 percent (0/65)

As I mentioned earlier, there are no plans to start a subscription fee for the blog, the latest poll was more a curiosity for me than anything. There are other ways to monetize a blog, through other forms of advertising, but alas, there are only 24 hours in a day and only one of me so I also have no plans to start selling ads in all my spare time. As of today, Rahway Rising is worth anywhere from $222 to $1,693.62, at least according to two site calculators. Sweet.

Here’s another piece I stumbled upon about the future of newspapers and online journalism, which is sort of what prompted my original poll question.

I’ll be taking suggestions for the next blog poll, always looking for ways that readers can be interactive if they don’t feel like commenting. Past suggestions included “Best dry cleaners” and “Best Chinese takeout” in town. Whaddaya think?