Tax judgement results in 2-percent break

A judgement by the state Tax Court resulted in a 2-percent reduction for one of the city’s largest taxpayers in the 2010 tax year, but no change in the property’s overall assessment.

The City Council approved resolution AR-230 at its Oct. 15 meeting, authorizing a $7,001 credit for the overpayment of taxes to Renaissance at Rahway, LLC, which does business as Meridia Grand. The building was constructed in 2010 by Capodagli Property Company, which sold it in 2011 for $19 million.

The 88-unit Meridia Grand on Monroe Street and East Grand Avenue is assessed at $5.362 million, for a property tax bill of about $324,420 last year. A $7,001 reduction is about 2.16 percent. The size and nature of a tax appeal can determine what venue it’s decided in and larger tax appeals can take longer to resolve.

The number of tax appeals filed doubled in 2010, and it was the same year that Merck initiated a massive tax appeal on its property, which resulted in a settlement and multi-year reduction. Renaissance at Rahway/Meridia Grand was among the top 10 property taxpayers in the city that year.

The City Council also approved refunds for 2013 tax appeals, which will be detailed in an upcoming post.