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City responds to OPRA lawsuit over video

Lawyers for the City of Rahway responded last week to a lawsuit brought by this website seeking release of body and dashboard camera recordings of two car accidents within the last several months involving Mayor Samson Steinman.

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City denies request for body, dashcam footage

In response to an Open Public Records Act (OPRA) request for a number of documents related to Mayor Samson Steinman’s two automobile crashes in recent months, the city denied a request for dashboard and body camera footage while providing police reports and other documents.

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Reported crime down 14 percent in 2013

Overall incidents of crime in Rahway dropped by 14 percent from 2012 to 2013, including an 11-percent decline in nonviolent crime and 38 percent in violent crime, according to the latest Uniform Crime Report (UCR) released last week by the State Police.

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‘Zero tolerance’ for parking under railroad tracks

In an effort to improve traffic safety as well as security around the train station, the Police Department has startd installing lane barriers along Milton Avenue, beneath the train trestle.

Illegal parking under the railroad has been an issue for some time. “This is something we have put a lot of thought into, and we have tried enforcement with negligible results,” Police Chief John Rodger said. “When we issue summons or chase cars out they come back pretty quickly and we just don’t have the ability to be there every moment.”

A layout was tested two weeks ago and the east side of the street was installed on Monday, with the other side pending weather and manpower, the chief said.

It’s always been illegal to park under the bridge and with the alert system in place post-9/11 the area was specifically designated a problem, Rodger said. Police also get a lot of complaints that motorists trying to turn left from Broad Street onto Milton Avenue can’t see and have to pull out into the intersection.

“We are hopeful that this solution will deter parking in that area, and eliminate the mid-block pedestrian crossings to get to vehicles previously parked under the bridge, while at the same time providing line of sight for vehicles trying to enter the intersection,” he said.

Once both sides of the street are completed, Rodger said there will be zero tolerance for vehicles parked in the bus stop or taxi stand on West Milton Avenue.