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Council to amend redevelopment plan

City Council will consider a measure that would prohibit convenience retail and restaurants from the downtown block bounded by Campbell Street, Elm Avenue and Irving Street.

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10 years of RahwayRising.com

Hamilton Laundry. A&M Industrial Supply. Wheatena. Not exactly historic architectural gems but they are just some of the buildings that no longer grace the landscape in Rahway and RahwayRising.com is one of the few — if only — places you can find them. Continue reading 10 years of RahwayRising.com

A closer look at local Walk Scores

How walkable is Rahway? According to Walk Score, it’s more walkable than most cities in New Jersey.

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Main & Monroe could break ground in 2015

With construction under way onĀ  the 115-unit Meridia Lafayette Village, the next significant downtown project could break ground within the year, possibly before the end of 2015.

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Permit parking changes along Campbell Street

CORRECTION: The original post has been corrected, with changes noted in italics.

City Council approved changes to permit parking regulations along the north end of Campbell Street, ahead of the completion of a 116-unit rental complex in response to residents’ concerns when shows are held at the nearby Union County Performing Arts Center (UCPAC).

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Metro Rahway aims for October opening

Metro Rahway
The view from Campbell Street and Elm Avenue

Metro Rahway will be the next development in Rahway to begin leasing. The 116-unit rental development on Campbell Street is shooting for an Oct. 1 opening — “at the latest” — but possibly by mid-September, according to Clay Bonny of East Hanover-based Heartstone Development.

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Metro Rahway tops out

Construction of Metro Rahway topped out this week with the addition of what looks to be the beginnings of the attic roof.

Metro Rahway.Apr2
Campbell Street and Elm Avenue

The five-story project along Campbell Street and West Cherry Street is expected to be completed later this year. Of the 116 units, 52 will be one-bedrooms and 62 will be two-bedrooms, situated above one level of parking. There will be 120 parking spaces, in addition to 18 on-street spaces.

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Metro Rahway project moving along

West Cherry and Campbell

With a completion timeline of later this summer, Metro Rahway continues to rise along Campbell Street with the work on the West Cherry Street side reaching the third story.

The 116-unit apartment complex being built at the former A&M Supply site will include 62 two-bedroom units and 52 one-bedroom units in four floors of living space above one level of parking, with 120 spaces and another 18 on-street spaces.

Elm and Campbell

The A&M Supply building was demolished in June and Metro Rahway got under way later in the year. The project received a 15-year Payment In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOT), approved by the City Council last year, details of which can be found here.