Six new redevelopment areas to be considered

Swaths of West Grand and Elizabeth avenues, industrial properties on Regina and New Brunswick avenues, and a shopping center that straddles the border with Woodbridge, are among six areas that could be studied as potential new areas of redevelopment.

8f3d7-apifoilsbuildingCity Council is scheduled to consider AR-208-16 at its regular combined meeting tonight at 7 p.m. The Redevelopment Agency last month passed a resolution requesting that City Council undertake a preliminary study.

The resolution directs the Planning Board to undertake preliminary investigations to determine if properties qualify as a condemnation redevelopment area, pursuant to Local Redevelopment and Housing Law (N.J.S.A. 40A:12A-1). UPDATED, Nov. 22: The resolution was not part of the agenda that was voted upon at last night’s meeting. City Administrator Cherron Rountree said “there were some technical issues with the resolution that we wanted to correct before presenting it to council for consideration.”

The six potential redevelopment areas identified in the resolution include about 90 120 properties in all:

Redevelopment areas allow for the use of eminent domain and provide incentives such as tax abatements. The redevelopment law also allows the city to use powers of eminent domain, if necessary.

Elizabeth Avenue.1697 tax appealThe city’s downtown Central Business District (CBD) was designated a redevelopment area in the early 1990s along with the Lower Main Street Redevelopment Area, which eventually were combined. Declaring an area in need of redevelopment doesn’t mean eminent domain is always used but it can help cobble together disparate properties as was the case for instance, with the Park Square development.

The Planning Board is authorized to have each redevelopment area presented separately or together at a public hearing required under the law.

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  1. what about our tiny train station.. is anyone thinking about this ? or we going to think about this after the fact?

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