RR readers love their parks

Readers spoke loud and clear in the latest poll. With almost three-quarters of the 57 votes solidly getting behind one choice, it’s probably the highest percentage in any of the recent polls. It wasn’t even close from the start. The total number of votes also fell just short of our highest yet (58), some two polls ago.

The question was sparked by plans for a park along Essex Street, near the Riverwalk development.

“How important is green/open space in your vision of downtown Rahway?”
Fewer condos, more parks — 14 percent, (8/57)
We don’t need Central Park but balance development with open space — 73 percent, (42/57)
If it doesn’t pay taxes, don’t bother — 12 percent, (7/57)

I’m always open to suggestions for upcoming polls so feel free to email or comment. Check out the new poll, at right.


The city’s Web site has a map of the traffic changes planned for downtown this spring. Last I heard, the changes were aiming for around the same time as the Irving-Fulton realignment, which was ahead of schedule for April 1 (Tuesday).