Riverwalk not the only project Diversified ditched

Riverwalk, with its last 19 unsold units going into foreclosure, isn’t the only construction project abandoned by Diversified Communities.

I came across this story in the Triangle Business Journal (Raleigh, N.C.) from last month about L’Hermitage, a project where Diversified had planned 125 condos, 75 townhomes and 35 single-family units. Only two were sold and barely two dozen completed in all. Work stopped in spring 2008 and the abandoned project is described as “the poster child for the housing industry‚Äôs downfall.

Spring 2008 was about the time Diversified parted ways with DeBartolo Development on the Town Center project proposed for the City Hall property some three years ago.

Some key passages from the story:

— “Diversified Communities…walked away from the project in 2008, leaving two dozen homes in various stages of construction. Diversified…built the roads, sewer lines, water lines and power infrastructure…as well as a 5,000-square-foot clubhouse with a swimming pool and tennis court.

— “Diversified had sold two homes in the community for more than $480,000 each and had started construction on 12 condominiums and 11 other single-family homes when work stopped. Some homes are finished, others are about halfway complete. “It’s been more than two years since I’ve spoken with anyone at Diversified,” Apex Town Manager Bruce Radford said. “They walked away from millions in ground there already.”

— “In its unfinished state, the property has become the victim of vandals and neglect. A 3,200-square-foot unfinished home in L’Hermitage was destroyed by fire in mid-September. The clubhouse was severely damaged when a water pipe burst and flooded the building.”