Retail spots coming and going

Two recent comings and goings as far as retail spots in downtown Rahway:

* Wick’d Flame, a soy candles and natural cosmetics shop, has opened at 77 E. Milton Ave. If I recall correctly, the storefront was last occupied by the Metro PCS store that moved a few doors down to the space formerly occupied by Kennedy Jewelers, which moved a few blocks down Irving Street to the Park Square complex.

* Thomas’ Surf-n-Turf, at 95 E. Cherry St., has a “For Sale” sign in the window.

The eatery lasted more than two years, opening in February 2010 after taking over the space from Just a Little Healthier.

4 thoughts on “Retail spots coming and going”

  1. Not surprised that the fish store closed. The first and only time I went in there, I was served fish straight from the freezer to the fryer – freezer burnt no less. Awful. I asked for the chives on my potato and got served dried chives from a huge plastic tub being kept over the stove that looked like it had seen better days (no less, not the best place to keep such an item to prevent it from spoiling). Got it home, tasted the fish and threw it in the garbage. Seriously bad food. I always felt terrible when I'd walk by the store and the owner would say hello, and try and entice me to come in and try the food. I had no reply for him. I longed to tell him how awful it was but couldn't bring myself to do so.I have no clue how this place managed to make it through two years. There have been other places with much better fare that went under much quicker.

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